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Communications with Parents

We pride ourselves on being a community that extends to parents/carers, families and beyond.

We appreciate that many of our pupils live some distance from school and many come to school on home to transport. We know that travelling can make it difficult for some parents/carers to visit school as often as they might otherwise wish. To this end, there is flexibility in the ways in which parents/carers can communicate with us and take part in a varied programme of regular events throughout the school year.

We value parental engagement and hold events inviting parents/carers to join us in school e.g. for a workshop related to their child’s learning. Celebrations are also highlights. Parents/carers are also invited to attend parents’ evenings early in the school year. This is an important meeting, especially if the child is new to the school or has changed class or teacher. A parents’ evening is also held in the spring term to inform parents/carers of their child’s progress during the year. Parents/carers are welcome to meet teachers outside of formal meetings such as parents’ evenings and EHCP reviews but do need to book in advance an appointment that is outside of lesson time to avoid disruption to learning time. Communication is a two-way process and parents/carers are kindly asked to make a reciprocal commitment. To this end, various mechanisms have been put into place to ensure good communication between home and school.

  • Verbal or written messages may be communicated via the escort staff on home to school transport.
  • Letters may be sent by post to or from the school.
  • Telephone messages may be sent to or from the school.
  • E-mail messages may be sent to or from the school.
  • Parents may visit the school in person to raise any matter of concern with senior staff.
  • Class Dojo:- Our communication platform that connects teachers and other adults within the school with children and parents. It allows us to create an online classroom community where messages, updates, home learning, photos and videos can be shared securely.
  • Parents’ evenings are arranged, to provide parents/carers with an opportunity to talk to staff