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School Fund

Hallmoor School is a cashless school and all payments are made via the online Parent Pay system. This includes all dinner money and payments for school trips. The only money that is occasionally sent into school is charitable donations for a fundraising event e.g. Child In Need.

Charges and Remission Policy

The Governing Body RESERVES THE RIGHT to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school: –

  1. School Journeys in School Hours.
    The board and lodging element of residential activities deemed to take place within school hours. The full or part cost of transport and entry fees for school outings.
  2. Activities Outside School Hours.
    The full cost to each pupil of activities deemed to be optional and taking place outside school hours.
  3. Charging in Kind.
    The cost of materials, ingredients and equipment (or the provision of them by parents) for cookery and craft activities. The Governing Body may charge for ingredients and materials or require them to be provided if parents indicate in advance that they wish to own the finished product.
  4. Voluntary Contributions.
    Parents/Carers may be invited to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of providing additional educational experiences for pupils. Where a voluntary contribution is sought from parents, no child will be treated differently because their parents have not made a voluntary contribution.
  5. Remissions Policy.
    Where the parents of a pupil are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit, the Governing Body will remit in full the cost of board and lodging for any residential activity that it organises for a pupil in school hours.
  6. Deliberate Damage.
    Governors approve the principle that fines may be made for deliberate damage.
  7. School Uniform.
    In cases of financial hardship, the school may provide school uniform for a child. Otherwise parents are expected to purchase uniform for their child.

Parents who receive Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to apply for free school meals. If you believe you are entitled to apply for free school meals for any reason, please contact the school office.

Universal Free school meals are available for all pupils of Reception, Y1 and Y2.