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Permission Forms

As part of our admissions pack which is sent out to the parents/carers of all new starter pupils, there are a number of forms requesting permissions for the following:
  • Administration of Medicine consent form
    For Parents/Carers to request and consent to the administration of medicine where required
  • Intimate Care Consent
    To define exact care arrangements for more acute conditions
  • Swimming Consent
    for year groups where this is applicable
  • Local Area Visit Permission Form
    To give consent for a child to attend a specific visit
  • Consumption of Food Consent Form
    To provide the school with information relating to food and the situations it may be consumed in school.
  • Use of Photographs Consent Form
    Photographs and videos are a very valuable learning resource for our pupils. We ask for your consent for if, how and when we use photos of your child.
  • Class Dojo consent letter
    Class Dojo is our online learning platform. Class Dojo can be used to share photos and videos of your child working in school, we think this is a great way to enhance communication with families and is an easy way for teacher’s to link with you to celebrate progress, ‘wow moments’ and support learning at home. We would like your consent to use this feature.  Whatever your choice your preferences will of course be accommodated.

Data checking form

Most of the consent we request from you will be done once only on admission of your child into the school when they first start. In addition to this, we also send out a data checking form once a year to check if any important information (e.g. address and contact details) have changed. We may also ask you to update your permissions for some of the things listed above. With regards to Administration of medication consent, we ask you to updated us as necessary as this can often change more than annually.